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Now, as the date for argument on that issue in the Supreme Court approached, the young Federalist attorneys in the Jones camp called upon two of the organization's legal eminencies to help prepare Davis and Cammarata.
Cook, sailing by Bay of Plenty shores, saw a "level fiat Country pritty clear of wood and full of Plantations and Villages; the Villages are built upon eminencies near the Sea, and are fortified.
Ambassadors inhabit that less accessible world of heads-of-state, it is to such eminencies that they are accredited.
There's a whole tribe of numpties walking around with them - HMs, HRHs, Their Graces, Lordships, Ladyships, Sirs, Excellencies, Eminencies, Right Honourables and Honourables.
Among those her eminencies deserving our memory, was her owne most ready memory, enabling her upon the first rehearsall to repeat above 40.