emergent evolution

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the appearance of entirely new properties at certain critical stages in the course of evolution

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(42) Klapwijk, Purpose in the Living World?; Jacob Klapwijk, "Creation Belief and the Paradigm of Emergent Evolution," Philosophia Reformata 76 (2011): 11-31 (declaration of interest: I translated and edited Klapwijk's book and article).
Klapwijk, Jacob, Purpose in the Living World?: Creation and Emergent Evolution, Trans.
The development from one level to another is called emergent evolution, each level corresponding to one or several special sciences.
"Emergent evolution" refers to a subsequent but closely related movement among British thinkers--including the philosopher Samuel Alexander, author of Space, Time and Deity (1920), and the zoologist C.
It is here that Klapwijk introduces his particular notion of emergent evolution. He accepts the basic framework of phylogenetic evolution and the idea of descent with modification.
In his Emergent Evolution, Morgan says that 'Under what I here call emergent evolution stress is laid on this incoming of the new.