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improved or corrected by critical editing


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Transfer of Bacillus lentimorbus and Bacillus popilliae to the genus Paenibacillus with emended descriptions of Paenibacillus lentimorbus comb.
Genitives of species and subspecies nomina derived from personal names should not be emended. Zootaxa 1550: 49-68.
In most modern editions, the line is emended to 'That which hath stooped the topmost of the gods'.
Other characters emended from the original description are the absence of mandible, and the presence of preepisternal setae of the male adults.
NYC's Department of Finance has acknowledged the impact of the emended language and is revising tax year 2012/2013 bills to reflect the reduction in property taxes for such properties.
The main body of the book contains the emended Latin text on facing pages with Hauge's translation.
We now have a definitive edition of the first, discarded, version contained in two exercise books now held in the University of Texas's Ransom Center although this text has been emended by reference to Lawrence's additions and to the first 81 pages of the 'Johnson typescript'.
This is a critical best-text edition, sparingly emended through comparison with the other manuscripts, and preserving a wide assortment of scribal oddities, though with modern punctuation and capitalization and silently expanded abbreviations.
All emended readings are clearly signalled in a separate list.
A critical text 'has its beginnings in a document or documents [the "copy-text(s)"] that are then emended by, among other things, the elimination of errors, the normalization of accidentals ...
There are few places in which their copy-text made plausible sense but was emended. In their F edition, they emend F's "Froward" (1.2.8) to Q2's "Forward" because they find it "more appropriate to the context" (2006b: 199), but "Froward" is acceptable and is retained in Bate and Rasmussen's recent F-based edition (2007); similarly, while the original F punctuation at 1.2.157 allows "break my heart" (as Bate and Rasmussen edit), Thompson and Taylor emend to Q2's "break, my heart".
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The paschal essence is especially evident in the prayer of thanksgiving over the water (largely the emended text of Luther's Flood Prayer).
hutchisoni is emended as follows: Similar to Emydoidea blandingii (Holbrook) in having an elongated nuchal bone and cervical scute impression, but differing in having the nuchal somewhat shorter and wider; cervical scute area not raised; and cervical scute impression wider dorsally and narrower ventrally than E.