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the act or process of revising

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a correction by emending

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Many, including some in the "best" source, are clearly errors or arbitrary alterations by copyists that require (and receive) emendation. At least two sources give shortened versions of the piece, with different closing passages; these adaptations are almost certainly not Ercole's.
Dubois (2007) presented a list of several unjustified emendations of scientific names of tetrapods, and warned: "Although I did not survey the literature for other zoological groups, I presume that the same problem probably arose in several of them".
Nonetheless, the emendation of the definite to the indefinite article reduces the robe's symbolic significance and allows the emphasis to fall on its massy nature.
Forster was enthralled by this emendation, declaring that with it "the sentence not only makes sense but illumines its surroundings" (143).
(4) In this instance the editors of the Shakespeare Head edition, which does have a separate appendix of "Emendations," prefaced by a rationale for their choices, made the emendation "a woman" (42).
The employment of hilum in 514 has often occasioned comment but has not to date led to a published emendation. Lucretius employed hilum, 'a tiny bit', as a noun in the nominative (3,220), accusative (3,518 (subject); 3,1087) and ablative (5,1409) singular cases and as an adverbial accusative (3,518; 3,783; 3,813; 3,830; 3,867; 4,379; 4,1268; 5,358).
Chapter 1 discusses emendations by Jakob Grimm and Friedrich Klaeber.
I place a semicolon after line 2 because in line 3, at any rate with this emendation, sed does not mark the reason why the snail is not a miserabilis exul (after all, Symphosius does not say nam, and anyway the reason has already been given: porto domum mecum), but rather introduces a new clue in the form of a contrast between earth (solo) and heaven (caelo), an antithesis our poet is particularly fond of: cf.
(5.) This text was reprinted in the "Scribner Library," the "Hudson River Editions," and the "Scribner Classics." It was in print for fifty-three years without benefit of necessary emendation.
His first name has only one 't,' Mathew." Just so, and our thanks for the emendation. And Phil Nast, at Syracuse University, commenting on our "Stuff and Nonsense" VERBATIM XXIX/3) felicitously draws our attention to "horse badorties, which became the name of the principal character in William Kotzwinkle's The Fan Man, but which I understood to mean horse apples ...
His translation rather flatly but correctly renders the figurative expression created by Frassinetti's emendation ('both sharing the same pasture' > 'prepared together in one sauce'): 'estaba cocinando entranas finamente picadas y carne cortada en trozos preparadas las dos con la misma salsa ...'.
In that regard a slight emendation to footnote 16 on page 7 is needed, I believe.
This is a thought-provoking book; the essays written variously, as celebration and emendation, while identifying a new area of formal study now finding a place in a some larger universities in North America and in the United Kingdom.
its establishment (an emendation of the "National Congress of Mothers" formed just a decade earlier) at the time signaled the perceived importance of extending its power base beyond the moral authority of mothering.