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Synonyms for emcee

a person who acts as host at formal occasions (makes an introductory speech and introduces other speakers)

act as a master of ceremonies


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I was scared of taking up more emceeing positions in school, as every time I did, students would laugh at me.
The former Ellen star got her start emceeing at a comedy club in her hometown of New Orleans before launching her acting and hosting career.
Emceeing multiple school assemblies of more than 2,500 students, some of whom dont want to be there, requires the earned respect and support of the student body, all of which Jack has."
'Rapping' is another word for Emceeing, rhyming over beats.
Emceeing, the musical culture of rap that has found a home in deprived areas across the globe, is providing an outlet for a generation brought up in Ely without much hope.
It wasn't planned, but my family has a history in radio, and I've had experience emceeing and performing in unlikely places--car dealerships, hospices, schools, etc.--where audiences were not necessarily familiar with classical music.