embryonic stem-cell research

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biological research on stem cells derived from embryos and on their use in medicine

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Obama has left it up to the National Institutes of Health to control what scientists can do with federal money and opponents of embryonic stem-cell research fear the NIH could open up the possibilities.
Embryonic stem-cell research involves the destruction of living human embryos.
I believe that the restrictions that President Bush has placed on funding of human embryonic stem-cell research have handcuffed our scientists and hindered our ability to compete with other nations.
The institute provides grants for adult and embryonic stem-cell research along with research on therapeutic human cloning that seeks to replicate embryonic stem-cell lines.
Embryonic stem-cell research played a role in the 2006 mid-term elections.
As a scientist, I believe that supporters of embryonic stem-cell research may be offering the public a false hope.
According to most scientists, embryonic stem-cell research may produce highly effective treatments for diabetes, Parkinson's disease, spinal-cord injury and other conditions, but it hasn't been given a chance to show its potential due to the federal funding restrictions.
Some people who oppose embryonic stem-cell research accept what is known as adult (or multi-potent) research, where stem cells are taken from tissue such as bone marrow, brain, muscle, or liver in a born human being.
President Barack Obama will soon issue an executive order lifting an eight-year ban on embryonic stem-cell research imposed by his predecessor, President George W.
Fox in support of the amendment, Missouri passed Amendment 2, which guarantees that any embryonic stem-cell research that is allowed by the federal government will be allowed in Missouri.
bishops' pro-life committee has urged the Senate to support a bill funding research using stem cells from umbilical cord blood and to reject legislation that would fund embryonic stem-cell research.
Brownback told The Eagle that religious conservatives have obtained "a philosophical majority" in Congress and America and said he looks forward to passing laws restricting abortion and banning embryonic stem-cell research and human cloning.
London, ON-Bishop Ron Fabbro of London has advised Catholic school boards that they should ensure that any money raised by students for medical research does not go to embryonic stem-cell research.
And just as they oversell the potential benefits of embryonic stem-cell research, Schwarzenegger and fellow Proposition 71 backers downplay - or ignore entirely - the ethical dangers, dangers that have led Germany, Austria, Spain, France and Ireland to prohibit the practice.