embryonic membrane

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the inner membrane of embryos in higher vertebrates (especially when covering the head at birth)


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The embryo measures 125 [+ or -] 5 [micro]m (I-E) and the distance between the embryonic membrane (I-EM) and the external capsule (I-C) is 20 [micro]m.
The embryonic membrane market calls for a range of cost-performance and leaves room for numerous options, says Charles Stone, advanced materials v.
Stage 2: gastrulation, cellular organization, and differentiation are evident; first embryonic membrane is ruptured as the embryo becomes asymmetrical; blastopore can be discerned
2004; Mess, 2007) and development of embryonic membranes (Oliveira et al.
The purpose of the question is to compare the function and structure of extra- embryonic membranes in typical bird and mammal embryos.