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Synonyms for embroilment

the condition of being entangled or implicated

Synonyms for embroilment

an intricate and confusing interpersonal or political situation


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The admission by the Pakistan interior adviser that the Mumbai attacks of November 2008 were "partially planned" from Pakistan also highlights the gravity of the country's embroilment with terrorist elements.
is informed by both an anxiety about and a continuing embroilment in imperialist ideology" (1989, 141).
A second embroilment for James was the general crusade being preached by the pope.
By 1972, however, in the wake of political assassinations, race riots, and our continued embroilment in the Vietnam War, American social discord had almost drowned out the voices of our Linuses, and the Lucy van Pelts - quick to anger, even quicker to punish, and prepared to use books only as aggressive weapons and not as instruments of understanding - had come into dominance.
But this did not mean that Germany wanted to see Washington/Tokyo relations deteriorate to the point where the USA would become involved in war with Japanm, because this would risk the embroilment of Germany.
"Ayoub" photos: Secret locations and airports...reaching to "Dimona" AL-MUSTAQBAL: Iran claims "right" to launch "Ayoub" and March 14 condemns Lebanon's embroilment in Syrian conflict "Hezbollah" continues attack against "Future" AL-AKHBAR: Hezbollah: Don't contemplate disarming resistance DAILY STAR: Hezbollah and Future spar over Ayoub, Syria Judge orders Roumieh warden detained Fierce fighting damages historic mosque in Aleppo's Old City A.A.M
He understands that too much embroilment with the Kashmir issue has told upon his country, economically, politically and socially.
Unfortunately, Monroe's embroilment in political controversy during the 1790s, a decade of conflict between the first American political parties, the Democratic-Republicans and the Federalists, has dominated historical accounts of his governorship and obscured his dedication to duty in dealing with everyday affairs.
Did it develop a coherent policy with definite objectives beyond the natural and understandable anxiety to avoid embroilment in the struggle?
BlackPink is the first group to release new music from YG Entertainment following its embroilment in a widening scandal involving former labelmate Seungri's criminal allegations and the company's potential role in the controversial scandal.
Moreover, due to its chronic underfunding and embroilment in
His foreign policy has been controversial and led to Saudi embroilment in a wasteful war in Yemen, an unnecessary dispute with Qatar (a fellow Gulf State) and increase in tensions with Iran.
The political career of the former first lady remains far from any controversy, unlike embroilment of her family members in different cases.
(76) Even if a woman has a planned pregnancy, the expense and stigma of embroilment with CPS can make an abortion a potentially preferable option.
is its embroilment in politics, in the sense of party contests and party