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a frame made of two hoops

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Sandwich these lines, adorned with plastic lure beads, in a 12-inch embroidery hoop.
The new PFAFF GRAND DREAM[TM] Hoop is the largest embroidery hoop available (360 x 350mm).
Hoop the fabric in a hand embroidery hoop by placing it over the outer ring, and then securing it in place with the inner ring.
You can also use a small metal or wooden hoop such as an embroidery hoop.
Use an embroidery hoop (available at any craft store) to hold a white handkerchief taut, then lightly draw her initials and a heart in pencil on the fabric.
You can also make your own screen with an embroidery hoop and a piece of plastic or vinyl material used to cover outdoor furniture.
Each lantern with the circumference of a 12-inch embroidery hoop requires a sheet measuring 39 inches (trimmed from its 48-inch dimension) by your chosen height.
Hand embroidery hoop * Polyester fiberfill * Light box (optional) * Painter's tape (optional) PREPARE Download the Pretty Pheasants embroidery design and the Pheasant Pillow pattern free from sewnews.
An impassive Vezzoli sits on a sofa embroidered by Praz while stitching a portrait of the author on his embroidery hoop.
We used 1/8 -inch doweling at the base of the pyramid, and the inner hoop of a 12-inch-diameter embroidery hoop for the cylinder.
SUPPLIES Fat quarter of cotton print 5" square of white cotton fabric Heavyweight sew-in interfacing wooden embroidery hoop (See "Source.
You'll also need a sewing machine, small sharp scissors, a needle, straight pins, transparent tape, thread to match fabric, and an embroidery hoop, if available.
Trace four circles on brown paper around the outer ring of the embroidery hoop.
She follows that by using embroidery hoops for stretching silk, and has them make small "samplers" as a way of letting them experience how silk painting and gutta works before they attempt a larger project.