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a woman embroiderer

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Her point of departure, and the centre of her unfolding analysis, is the main protagonist's symbolically-charged and (until now) insufficiently-discussed status as an embroideress.
He took lessons from an embroideress and a lace-making expert in Lyon, known to him through his family connections within the textile industry.
of an embroideress. For it is necessary [that] somebody undertake their duties in their stead, so that the earnings of each of them may not be lacking his house.)
Cyril's parents do not appear to have stayed together after this date and Cyril's mother and sister supported themselves by being a hosiery embroideresses.
embroideresses, flabile borders cantillate trapstick guiltiness akin to
57 Forty embroideresses from the Royal School of Needlework took two months to complete the Queen's robe for the coronation on May 12, 1937.
In the first, a young queen embarks upon a task which at first appears almost impossible, the embroidery of a tapestry of unheard of dimensions as a votive offering for a quick return "to reign in a kingdom of peace." Three hundred embroideresses are assembled from the four corners of northern France to create what is now known as the Bayeux tapestry (the identity of the queen, like the precise dating of the tapestry, remains uncertain).