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someone who ornaments with needlework

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Ann McTavish, embroiderer ; born November 22, 1950, died September 26, 2005
Actress Anushka Sharma, who is busy with Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Zero , has begun preparing for her next film Sui Dhaaga , in which she will be seen essaying a self-reliant embroiderer.
IT was so secret not even the top team of embroiderers knew the identity of the dress designer.
In diamond industry, I used to get just 5,000 rupees but here I am getting 8,00 to 9,000 rupees, and that's why I'm more satisfied here," said Hitesh Patel, an embroiderer.
She was a talented embroiderer and a member of the new Wellington Cathedral's linen guild for many years.
With her grandmama's sewing machine, she's a modern-day seam-stress, silkscreener, embroiderer and true fashion designer.
Cookery books, however, often included recipes for sweets and savories that were enclosed in puff paste formed into the shape of peascods, so something about this motif pleased the early modern cook and embroiderer both.
For example, the exquisite, crusty type of embroidery done by Lasarge, the world's most renowned and most enviable embroiderer, makes a Louis Feraud gown simply breathtaking.
This means an embroiderer can be more productive than ever before.
A TEESSIDE embroiderer was among the exhibitors at a "magnifique" exhibition in Paris.
A master embroiderer and potter with a talent for fine and affecting detail, he turns age-old methods to deathless ends, probing the intersection of individual and collective imagination.
It's an acquisition any beginning embroiderer will love.
95) comes from embroiderer Howard, who uses her extensive embroidery knowledge to present an original approach to stitch.
Even though Mary demonstrates expert skill as an embroiderer in their shop, her love of money and fine clothes tempts her once again.
She has spent 16 years as an embroiderer for Multiprint - and for most of that time she's been on her feet.