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a medicinal liquid that is rubbed into the skin to relieve muscular stiffness and pain


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10###Uromastyx hardwickii (Sano)###The long strips of fat on each side of the backbone are boiled down and the resulting grease, after mixing with a dash of Haingh (Ferula assafoetida L.) and Huldhi (Curcuma longa L.), is used as an embrocation for contused wounds, strain, stone garget (Bungli in local dialect) and for ripening of an abscess.
Laxatives were dispensed on 7 September; a decoction of bark was administered almost daily between 12 and 18 September inclusive; embrocation was dispensed from 9 to 16 September.
The 2019 Manila Bay Clean-Up Run was a project of Manila Broadcasting Company, in cooperation with the cities of Manila and Pasay, with support from Symdex-D, Pride detergent, Unique toothpaste, Shield bath soap, Asian Institute of Computer Studies, White Flower Embrocation, Star Wax, Smart dishwashing paste, White Rose Kojic Whitening Soap, Pocari Sweat, and Olympic Village.
The Group acts as the agency and distributor of various well-known external use medicated oil products, including the Mentholatum series, Flying Eagle Wood Lok Medicated Oil, Hoe Hin White Flower Embrocation and Kingworld Imada Red Flower Oil.
Nino, astral rods, dowsing rods, crystal balls of varying sizes, shells, eggshaped things, stones, a metronome, Buddha statues, mugs, an Ouija board, metal balls from China, a bell tree, a tribal mask, Lego bricks, dozens of figurines (once they all lost their noses, he said), statues of saints, artworks by children, jumping ice cream, a metal chalice, goblets, Krishnamurti's cassettes on "Quest of the Mind," playing cards, canes, earphones, blue crowbars, White Flower embrocation, ginger tea, rulers, Johnny Midnight's metal pyramid, acupuncture needles, a bottle of Holy Water.
"Thinking about home medication from the past, I remember my father once making my brother, Douglas, who was suffering from a really bad sore throat, drink some Sloans Liniment, an embrocation which contained chilli peppers and was used as an external treatment of strains and sprains.
He was the leading private bus manufacturer, he had his own furniture removal and confectionery and building companies and even sold his own Andrews Grandmother's Embrocation Oil which was "guaranteed to cure anything short of rigor mortis".
TODAY I went into a wee shoppie and told the young Asian chap that there was a strong smell of embrocation.
Dai Country by Alun Richards SOME of the boys rubbed themselves with embrocation - legend said Bashie Williams drank his the first time he saw it!
Moseley have mounting injury worries ahead of Saturday's top-of-the-table clash with Esher at Billes-ley Common and are facing a week of elastic bandages and embrocation in the hope of not finding half their team on sick parade.
The rhizome is also used to treat abdominal pain, and as an embrocation or sudorific to treat swelling and muscular rheumatism.
Duncan Ferguson 's embrocation? The Everton Trophy Kiosk?
But when he was still a kid at Arsenal, Harper did fall foul of a practical joke by Lee Dixon who smeared the inside of Harper's shorts with embrocation before the next training session and Harper was forced to drop them in a hurry.
But Australian physiotherapist Dale Richardson came to his aid with embrocation at the sixth, then some more manipulation after the ninth hole.
What with illicit sex, boyfriend troubles and broken marriages, it's amazing that the ladies of the Blues have enough energy left to slap on the embrocation, much less run out on the pitch.