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It is well known that cracks develop and propagate more easily in brittle materials and therefore preservative treatments that embrittle or weaken timber may be expected to increase the tendency of the treated timber to check when the wood is subjected to the surface tensile stresses that develop as a result of cyclic changes in moisture content.
the previous switch base tended to embrittle and fail when snapped into a B-pillar during cold weather) is eliminated due to better elongation properties of the alloy.
Copper tube and fittings won't embrittle with age, so they can't crack or crumble years after installation.
With an eye toward preventing or postponing osteoporosis--calcium loss that can embrittle bones--many people have been trying to increase the level of calcium in their diet.
The second paper recounts a 1-billion-atom simulation of "work hardening" -- the process by which deformation strengthens a material but can embrittle it if overdone.
However, literature indicates that [gamma]-radiation can lead to crosslinking and/or strain-induced chain scission in these pouch materials, which can embrittle the material and reduce strength [5,6].
The main disadvantages are their high cost, inferior wear properties, diffusion of oxygen into titanium during fabrication and the effect of heat treatment and the dissolved oxygen that embrittle titanium.
Alkyd crosslinking technology, however, has several disadvantages: alkyd coatings embrittle and yellow as the coating ages.
Some resin systems also embrittle through simple oxidation reactions and, therefore, ensure protection for a limited period only.
4) Electrolytic Ni Au will embrittle solder paste due to excess gold plated in PCB high current density areas.
COCs should be processed in hot molds to maximize flow length and weld-line strength and prevent shock freezing that can embrittle parts and make them prone to stress cracking.
However, it is advantageous that in certain applications, even below its glass transition temperature, this does not embrittle.
Solvent packages formulated to embrittle the resin bonds also can improve mechanical shakeout characteristics.
As part of this business collaboration, GreenMan is constructing a modern, computer-controlled, 15,000 square foot facility that will utilize cryogenic (cold temperature) technology to embrittle the rubber in tire waste to produce cost-effective crumb rubber granules of the highest quality.
Granlund, however, said "If you have western (sodium) bentonite in there, you have to get it up to 1300F (704c) to embrittle it enough for removal.