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the aperture of a wind instrument into which the player blows directly

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Key Words: embouchure, wind instrumentalist, reed, inclined planes.
The man's embouchure was cold iron; he played like he was packed in ice--nothing like how he drummed.
Stetson is equally at home in the avant jazz tradition of players who have pushed the boundaries of the instrument through circular breathing, embouchure, etc.
It took him about five years, but finally he got dentures that fit, re-established his embouchure, resumed blowing.
Jill had been playing the clarinet for a few years, so she at least had a basic embouchure.
A Musical Instrument, begun in 1975, which discusses specifics of posture and embouchure, tone production, resonance, and air use, as well as articulation and Attack.
The most common belief held by instrumentalists gives priority to the embouchure (lip formation) as the most significant determinant in the acquisition of flute tone (see Toff, 1996; Wilcocks, 2006).
Many instructional books and videos focus on how to blow, how much to blow or how to perfect embouchure, what headjoint to use and so forth.
Every note fashioned by this genial, imposing figure of a man was invested with musicality, warmth, joy, and a sense of humor that always threatened to break out of the corners of his mouth and ruin his carefully honed embouchure.
So I cut a piece for myself from a fresh reed, formed it to my own lips, shaved and scraped away with my knife until it fit my embouchure exactly--and it worked superbly
As Lie-Nemeth puts it, focal dystonia can impact the careers of instrumental musicians (patients may complain of a loss of voluntary control in the hands or embouchure when playing their instrument): the primary source of the problem is in the brain.
En une semaine, des millions de personnes avaient fui leurs villages dans la province meridionale du Sind, et evacue des grandes villes a mesure que les flots de l'Indus en furie rompaient les digues en devalant vers son embouchure dans la mer d'Oman.
Municipal trucks spewed raw sewage into the embouchure of a pristine river.
MS: I stopped playing because of embouchure problems.
Boog stood two feet in front of Corndog, who was lying in his overstuffed chair with both eyes closed and a little embouchure smirk on his face.