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Synonyms for embonpoint

sufficiently fat so as to have a pleasing fullness of figure


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Prime responsibility for this embonpoint is a direct response to the proliferation of IEDs--Improvised Explosive Devices.
She looks alarmingly like her predecessor the duchesse de Chateauroux, whom Nattier had painted in all her embonpoint as Daybreak with a torch and a carafe of dew about three years earlier (Versailles).
Without sidestepping the serious aspects of embonpoint (frustratingly frequent bathroom trips, conspicuous perspiring, a horror of all reflecting surfaces), C't' a ton tour, Laura Cadieux succeeds in showing us just how much fun chunky chicks can have.
Arthritic, diabetic, and round with a matriarchal embonpoint, she insists she has never stopped dancing, meaning she continues to teach from her wheelchair - due to multiple operations on her arthritic knees - and remains inspired by the Caribbean cultures that so fascinated her as a young anthropologist and by the people she came to know and love.
How lift-off had been achieved via Julia Roberts's embonpoint in Erin Brockovich.
To the left sits the widow, a large embonpoint lady, with her arm stretched over the favourite arm-chair of the late dear departed, holding a handkerchief; and by her expression she seems not at all displeased at the contents of what she hears read, or at what either she hears said by a bald-pated half-pay officer, who leans down to her cheek, and in an affected air of indolence is certainly (sic) whispering something which perhaps prevents her sinking into utter despair at any hopes of again making a conquest.
Big enough for a horse's rear end, they are, and when I think back, as we oldies are wont to do, to the grief my Ma's embonpoint caused her - back ache, shoulder pains, chafing - it's beyond me why anyone would willingly undergo the expense and trauma of full-on surgery to acquire their own.
Both women have the chalky flesh-tones, the lank pelt of body-hair, and the deep folds of embonpoint characteristic of Baldung's unenticing nudes.
My Mrs thought Julia's embonpoint in the film was just the ticket and searched the internet to discover Julia, left, had chosen the "balcony" bra made by Michelle.
With his reassuring embonpoint he seems to have all the time in the world to chat.
Her name was immortalised by the RAF during WWII when they nicknamed their airman's pneumatic life-jacket after her fabulous embonpoint.
Do something with her hands that requires the camera to dwell on her still-spectacular embonpoint (her chest to you or me).
This was bravery beyond the call of duty especially since the star's voluptuous embonpoint is pictured in all its glory.
And by the way, what would anyone with a matronly 40FF embonpoint, want with a black bustier?
And to top it all, a man in a cow-print suit is ordering me to strip on a stage just inches from 2,000 baying blokes whose glazed eyes are currently trained on my trembling embonpoint.