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an abnormal particle (e

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Initial intraoperative diagnosis of air embolus is based on hypotension and decreased end tidal C[O.
Left male palps in ventral view are used for describing the origin points of the embolus, apophyses and conductor on the tegulum.
During copulation, the male transfers seminal fluid via the embolus into the female copulatory duct.
1, 7); embolus surrounding tegulum, supported by conductor; conductor sclerotized ventrally, with retrolateral laminar projection supporting embolus tip (Figs.
In other words, pulmonary embolus as a cause for respiratory deterioration is difficult to exclude, but potentially dangerous if missed.
Soltamox should not be used in women who require concomitant use of coumarin-type anticoagulant, or in women with history of deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolus.
2] Most cases arise from preoperative findings on chest imaging (for a symptomatic patient) or from intraoperative embolization during caval manipulation leading to emergency chest surgery to remove the tumour embolus.
The demonstration of a cerebral calcific embolus by CT scan was first documented by Yock in 1981.
Definite diagnoses of acute lower extremity arterial embolus in all patients were made with the determination of the classical 6P findings as well as Doppler ultrasound examination.
Males without embolus tips were assumed to be functionally sterile (Bhatnagar & Rempel 1962; Foelix 1996), but there is evidence that this is not always the case, as shown in L.
4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Luna Innovations Incorporated announced today that it is the recipient of Frost & Sullivan's 2006 Patient Monitoring Technology of the Year Award for the innovative design and development of the Embolus Detection and Classification (EDAC(TM)) QUANTIFIER, a groundbreaking blood circuit microemboli detection system.
The right ventricular outflow tract was almost completely occluded by an embolus measuring approximately 100 mm x 25 mm.
A CT scan of the chest revealed a large embolus in the distal right main pulmonary artery.
Other serious adverse events associated with Erbitux in clinical trials (n=774) were fever (5%), sepsis (3%), kidney failure (2%), pulmonary embolus (1%), dehydration (5% in patients receiving Erbitux plus irinotecan, 2% receiving Erbitux as a single agent) and diarrhea (6% in patients receiving Erbitux plus irinotecan, 0.