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possessing or existing in bodily form

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The Winter Garden photograph rouses Barthes from indifference; out of his embodied experience of love and grief, he arrives at a theory of the photographic image.
An invited competition was held with three entrants, and Stefan Behnisch and his architects won with a design based on minimizing embodied and consumed energy, saving water, avoiding toxic products, and allowing for eventual recycling.
Registering the same links among athletics, morality, and racial uplift that animated Frederick Cullen's ministry, Ransom saw this messianic figure embodied as early as 1910 in Jack Johnson, a man whose symbolic championing of black manhood in the boxing ring spanned the years of Cullen's childhood.
As I came to understand his identity--how his passing as a guy, dating women, stealing, and lying were all tied together--I saw that his journey embodied a very common queer experience: having to leave home and reinvent himself to find love and acceptance.
In American popular culture, evil is represented as embodied and active; it takes on a life of its own rather than signifying a terrible desert of the human spirit, a dearth and an absence, in Saint Augustine's powerful formulations.
In my Humphrey-Hawkins testimony last July, I discussed the likelihood that the sharp acceleration in capital investment in advanced technologies beginning in 1993 reflected synergies of new ideas, embodied in increasingly inexpensive new equipment, that have elevated expected returns and have broadened investment opportunities.
The ensemble beautifully embodied the sensual world of McKayle's 1952 Nocturne, their hips loosely gyrating, their shoulders rolling atop torsos repeating sharp, deep contractions.
Already influential in article form and as lectures, Paster's arguments about the "leaky" women of Jacobean comedy and about issues surrounding the Nurse's embodied past with Juliet stand out.
Pregnant supermodel Heidi Klum embodied the look perfectly this year when she chose a pair of wedges for the 2005 Project Runway Party.
Editors Fischer and Coello present readers with a collection of academic essays and scholarly articles focused on the most recent developments in the multidisciplinary field of embodied cognition.
Embodied knowledge; perspectives on belief and technology.
Your Matters of Scale page, "The Hidden Cost of Embodied Energy" [May/June] contains a subtle bias.
17] Just as two deities embodied the creative internal and external forces of the universe, tribal groups in both the American Southeast and Southwest were often governed by two traditional leaders: While each leader was "both spiritual and ritualistic," one presided over the group's internal affairs and the other over external affairs.
Lutheran theology is molded by its radical critique of the medieval Roman Church embodied in a priestly hierarchy, which claimed that the church through the sacraments enabled all of Christendom to participate in eternal salvation.
Woman's Embodied Self: Feminist Perspectives on Identity and Image" by the team of Joan C.