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Synonyms for embezzler

someone who violates a trust by taking (money) for his own use

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Members of the Iranian-Canadian community have even been signing a petition against the two accused embezzlers now enjoying the free life in Canada and complaining of Canada's inaction on Iran's appeals for extradition.
* Risk takers: An embezzler is often a ruler break in and out of work
"They are also a target for internal embezzlers because of this kind of access to funds belonging to clients."
The villainous assistant warden, a serial embezzler and wife to a crooked politician, is a worse criminal than many of the inmates she supervises.
only to then discover he's an embezzler. Josh approaches a petty thief to plot the perfect heist to get the money back.
Watch it APARTMENT manager Josh Novices (Ben Stiller, right) asks Wall Street financier Arthur Shaw to manage pension funds for him and his friends, only to discover he's an embezzler in Tower Heist, tomorrow Channel 4, 9pm).
And while a fuller picture of the priest as a problem gambler and possibly embezzler waits to emerge, there is enough information to mourn, abhor, and learn from.
RELATED ARTICLES: Limitless embezzler halves sentence on appeal | Limitless and RDI award $10.1m Moscow contract | Limitless drops payment case against executive
It's official: Serial embezzler Jeri Qedan is out of prison--again--on parole.
He discovered that there wasn't one big embezzler. Bunches of people were stealing.
He really overly simplifies repealing those programs with his analogy to stopping an embezzler, claiming that when something is morally wrong, it must be ended immediately.
If there are increasing overhead costs but not increasing revenues related to products, the embezzler may be taking the products.
Be alert also for duplicate payables-checks already signed but the manager asks for another one to be signed, which gets altered later for the embezzler's gain.
Convicted embezzler and former Downtown Eugene Inc.
Experts believe this is one of the costliest bails in New York, because Bernard Madoff and Tyco embezzler Dennis Kozlowski had earlier handed authorities 10 million dollar cash each to secure their pre-disposition freedom.