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Synonyms for ember

a hot fragment of wood or coal that is left from a fire and is glowing or smoldering


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As soon as the requisite degree of heat is attained, the embers are removed, and the surface of the stones being covered with thick layers of leaves, one of the large packages of Tutao is deposited upon them and overspread with another layer of leaves.
Occasionally the air breathed through the crevices of the hut, and the low flame that fluttered about the embers of the fire threw their wavering light on the person of the sullen recluse.
He helped him so far to arouse the rocking figure before the dying embers, as to get a cloak and hat put upon it, and to tempt it forth to find where the bench and work were hidden that it still moaningly besought to have.
From these embers the inspector disinterred the butt end of a green cheque book, which had resisted the action of the fire; the other half of the stick was found behind the door; and as this clinched his suspicions, the officer declared himself delighted.
Their voices were encompassed and reechoed by the walls of a chamber, the windows of which were rattling in the breeze; the regular vibration of a clock, the crackling of a fire, and the tinkling of the embers as they fell among the ashes, rendered the scene almost as vivid as if painted to the eye.
In a little while nothing remained but smouldering embers, and a great masterpiece existed no longer.
PETA's Mimi Bekhechi said: "Wolves are generally timid animals who avoid humans, but rather than attempting to capture Ember, a Eurasian wolf, keepers shot her dead, orphaning her pups.
Ember say its design allows consumer feel like they're drinking from a ceramic mug with its "perfect lip interface and a 360AaAaAeAe[degrees] drinking experience
Ember Therapeutics is a diversified pharmaceutical company commercialising and developing targeted therapies for pain, osteoarthritis, kidney fibrosis and other regenerative medicines.
The Range Rover Evoque Ember will be available to order for a limited three-month period this summer with deliveries expected from September.
0% ABV Ember Inns Pale Ale is the first beer Black Sheep has brewed exclusively for another brand and around a million pints a year will be produced.
Little Ember was born at the Beehive Stables, in Earsdon, North Tyneside, and looks adorable as she gets used to her new surroundings.
Autodesk developed the Ember printer as a reference device for its open Spark 3D printing platform.
has come to make heat that can melt steel; No ember or spark has come to
A narrative haze that calls into question the lines between past and present, memory and reality, envelops both Ember and the reader as they attempt to puzzle out this psychological mystery.