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the act of passengers and crew getting aboard a ship or aircraft

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Upon arrival at the slaughterhouse, the equines were unloaded using similar ramps than at embarkment and herded into the lairage pens.
Wars also punctuate timelines, but for Giuseppe known as Giuseppe the divide between past and present has been erased; one of the explanations that he offers for the "buzz" is the embarkment of tanks during World War II: "Vuoi vedere che invece sono i carri armati che fanno tutto questo ronzio questo ronzare?
However, despite evoking the Atlantic slave trade past and the sufferings endured by enslaved Africans before their embarkment for the Americas, most initiatives repeatedly convey simplified representations of enslavement.
Paratypes: All Tanzania, all Mt Hanang: one female, above Katesh, embarkment dam, 2000 m, January 2008, depository ZMHB.
They are in the constant fear that the weak embarkment of the water reservoir of Sarada river, if bursted, would completely washed out their villages.
If the large section of the poem running from the descriptive embarkment at stanza 24 ("A casement high and triple-arch'd there was") to the ironic closure upon the lovers' union at the end of stanza 36 ("St.
151) The Governor also ordered that no "suspect person" be allowed to leave the Colony in the 10 days prior to embarkment, and that all "enemy aliens" be closely watched.
Rather than deliberately steer the skiff toward a site of interest, Butler instead allowed the river's current, by encountering that small accumulation of its detritus, to select its own point of embarkment.
We received news of embarkment (sic) in April 1st and since then massed preparation took part.
Each definition signals a point of embarkment that both guides the journey of the research project and is revisable in the light of new evidence and conclusions from the journey.