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enclose with banks, as for support or protection

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As early as the eighteen-twenties John Soane, Robert Smirke, John Nash, and other leading architects proposed to embank the river with a unified, classical facade of cream-colored stone.
The muddy Parana River that creates and extends the delta also tends to embank the navigational ways of the Rm de la Plata, making navigation difficult and even dangerous and causing boats to get stranded.
Tenders are invited for 5,600 CY rdwy excav incl haul, 4,200 CY common borrow incl haul, 4,200 CY embank comp, 310 CY conc CL 4000D, 501 LF expansion jnt mod, 2,576 SY scarifying conc surface, 1,377 SF further deck prep, 4,200 T CSBC, 2,850 SY plane bit pvmt, 310 T HMA 1/2 IN PG 70-28, 1,170 T commercial HMA, 7260 SY seed, fert by hand, 1,100 LF temp conc barrier, 32,460 LF paint line, 34,660 LF temp pvmt marking long duration.
4,930 CY rdwy excavation incl haul, 15,770 CY common borrow incl haul, 15,070 CY embank compact, 9 EA grate inlet, 6 EA COS drywell, 7 EA curb inlet, 1,046 LF sch A storm sewer pipe, 6,061 T CSBC, 3,040 SY plane bit pavement, 3,254 T HMA CL 1/2 IN PG 70-28, 8 ACRE seed, fert, mulch, 4 ACRE topsoil, 7 ACRE fine compost, 18 EA chinkapin oak, 39 EA douglas hawthorne, 22 EA jeffrey pine, 35 EA ponderosa pine, 10 EA dead or dying tree cut and remove, 1,795 LF extruded curb, 2,180 LF COS conc curb and gutter, 1,400 LF beam guardrail, 1,650 LF temp conc barrier, 6,400 LF reset temp conc barrier, 1,280 LF plastic wide lane line, 757 CY struct excavation CL B incl haul, 533 SY cement conc sidewalk, 2,616 LF coated chain link fence, 1,200 LF temp access control fence.
5,870 CY roadway excavation incl haul, 780 T gravel borrow incl haul, 400 CY embank comp, 2 EA catch basin, 63 LF sch A storm sewer pipe, 730 T CSBC, 3,020 SY plane bit pavement, 1,990 T HMA CL 1/2 IN PG 64-22, 1,390 LF longitudinal jnt seal, 95 EA western red cedar, 530 EA salal, 250 EA douglas spiraea, 200 EA snowberry, 150 EA indian plum, 2,313 LF temp concrete barrier, 6,290 LF plastic line, 1,510 LF plastic wide lane line, 34,410 LF temp pavement marking long duration, 875 SF const signs CL A, 456 HR contractor provided uniformed police officer, 149 SY cement conc sidewalk, 3 EA cement concrete curb ramp, 5 EA adjust valve box.
Connie Damberger, 55, a resident for three-and-a-half decades, stopped by the art studio of Mayor Royce Embanks and questioned him about whether some of this eclipse-generated local revenue could be used to pave the road in front of her house.
threat of damages as a result of coming peak of flood as after super flood of 2010, Sindh Government has not only strengthened the river embanks but also lifted the height of protected bunds to six feet more high.