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a mortician who treats corpses with preservatives

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Kevin is a third-generation funeral director, embalmer, and funeral home owner and has funeral businesses in Washington and Oregon.
Continuing, Mr Mummific relates, "In quick succession, another embalmer removed my liver, and stomach, and lungs.
Professional embalmer Jason King, who has 24 years' experience in the trade, raised the shocking concerns over the preparation of bodies.
Both are members of the British Institute of Funeral Directors while Gwen is also a member of the British Institute of Embalmers and was awarded fellowship of the Institute in February, 2013.
that questioned the presentation of embalmer Jonito Puton.
cian and embalmer Sarah Bond, who has joined the Disaster Zone Register
A 1930 graduate of the Cincinnati School of Embalming, she was the first female licensed embalmer in Florida.
has released Old Embalmer '12, a barleywine suitable for cellaring.
Out of the remainder of the monies come the overheads, upkeep of the premises plus the maintenance of the fleet and the wages of all the personnel involved - funeral service operatives, drivers, arranger, embalmer, funeral director - all of whom contribute to just one funeral.
So she decided to become a funeral director and embalmer.
A WELSH teen has become the youngest undertaker in Britain at the age of 16 - and now has her sights on becoming the country's youngest embalmer.
Keeping his teen audience front and center, Swanson provides just the right amount of gross-out material in his details of the losing battle of Lincoln's embalmer to preserve the president's body during the long train ride from Washington, D.
Perhaps you would like to be a charioteer, or an architect designing a pyramid, a reed cutter in the Nile, someone who fans the Pharaoh, or maybe you would like to be an embalmer who prepares bodies for their mummy case?
A Little Rock funeral home found itself in hot water after an embalmer allegedly handled funeral arrangements without a license.
And I think it must have been the embalmer, working