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preserve a dead body

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Emma Dainty, 31, of Stafford, said the Co-op failed to embalm grandad Philip Bayley.
But Cypress' program requires graduates to embalm a body regardless of what type of license they want.
Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun's mummified body burst into flames after an attempt to embalm the king went horribly wrong, over 3,000 years ago.
He said that Russian and German scientists who arrived to embalm Chavez said that it was very difficult, because the process should have started earlier, immediately and now it was not possible.
Dr Chapman said he believed it would not have been necessary to embalm her body given that the post-mortem examination was due to happen soon after its return to the UK.
The Industrial Revolution, Civil War and a desire for a more elite lifestyle, he said, all contributed to today's practices of hiring a funeral director to embalm bodies, encase them in metal caskets and concrete grave vaults for burial in tightly regulated, highly manicured cemeteries.
Sorry, Freddy, you get no time to embalm me,'' retorted Hall, who plays mortician David Fisher, sitting next to his real-life wife, Amy Spanger.
Meanwhile, reports have emerged that the Venezuelan government has ruled out plans to embalm the late President's body.