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having a notched tip

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First, the ill-formed PP can be dislocated at the right periphery of VP (or IP), a common process also called right-dislocation or emargination in other languages (Calabrese 1990; Zubizarreta 1998:121).
paucispinis: "A very different facies from Sebastes, and is readily distinguished by the longer body, the very protuberant lower jaw, which has a symphyseal swelling beneath, the very minute scales, the form and armature of the head, the deep emargination of the dorsal fin and the emarginated caudal.
For example, the Exorcist and the Mother Superior are attracted by each other's rhetorical skills, while Charlotte has a fragmented voice after she reacts to her emargination by eating glass, her good uncle Emile stutters, the twins speak an incomprehensible secret language, and the cook of the convent, Sorberina, who as a child had been repeatedly raped by her father and brothers, is speechless and her mouth is fractured.
The consequences of censorial control become visible during this period, and weigh heavily on the progressive emargination of Italian culture, and on the increasing difficulties of the book industry.
46) Posterior margin of tergum 6 of female with strongly projecting lateral edges resulting in a distinct emargination of tergum 6 (1); tergum 6 of different shape (0).
There are millions of men, women and children suffering every day from hunger, insecurity and emargination.
The posterior dorsal surface is marked by a shallow temporal emargination formed into the squamosals and parietals.
The shape of the emargination of the male subgenital plate is also stable within species with variation in shape of the crest (third denticle) and number of apical hooks on male cerci.
3]; dorsal depression complete but not prominent; broad, arched emargination between dorsal lobe and depression; ventral ridge present along most of ventral edge; distinct separation between the apical row and primary row, except near ventral edge.
Pygofer dorsally with shallow concave anal emargination, anal angles rounded, slightly projected caudad (Fig.
Sternum: sternum type 2 (Soleglad & Fet 2003) much wider than long, apex width almost equal to posterior width, posterior emargination well developed, with convex lateral lobes conspicuously separated.
nov, can be distinguished from these species by the following combination of characteristics: 1) medial denticle on anteromedian emargination of labrum much larger than others; 2) anterior tibiae slightly stained black toward the apex; 3) medial femora with few dorsal spines, similar to short thick needles; 4) hind femora with numerous dorsal spines, similar to short thick needles; 5) medial femora with no medial black markings, apical brown markings.