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Synonyms for email

(computer science) a system of world-wide electronic communication in which a computer user can compose a message at one terminal that can be regenerated at the recipient's terminal when the recipient logs in

communicate electronically on the computer

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July 13-16, 2006, Buffalo, New York, Contact Pat Skelly, Phone (508) 524-3948, Email tristate@34infdiv.
NATIONAL REUNION--September 8-10, 2006, Council Bluffs, Iowa, Contact Jerry Gordon, Phone (515) 276-5677, Email jlg34d@msn.
3RD BATTALION, 71ST AIR DEFENSE ARTILLERY (NIKE HERCULES)--October 20-24, 2006, Branson, Missouri, Contact Howard Webb, Phone (479) 648-2959, Email ladywebb@oox.
Unfortunately, some consider authorizations derived from email addresses as a good-enough means to identify the message source, which is simply wrong and unfair.
When publishing an SSP record, an email address domain owner wishing to use various providers or services would need to publish an open-ended authorization.
Email is a hybrid between letter writing and the spoken word.
Unique advantages of email in the clinical setting include:
provides extensive reporting and analysis capabilities to help IT proactively manage internal and outbound email traffic
Biotech Leader: Modifying User Behavior to Speed Critical Email Delivery
Lake Placid, New York, Contact Curtis Banker, Phone (518) 643-2302, Email dmbanker-curtis@northnet.
8605TH AAU; 5TH ASA FS; DET 5, 2ND SIG SVC BN--May 19-22, 2005, Baltimore, Maryland, Contact George Akerhielm, Phone (315) 692-9460, Email gjaker@juno.
Because email is so hard to manage, corporations largely ignore personal email floods.
Microsoft Exchange alone processes more than 3 million email messages every day, most of it through corporate email servers, and analysts estimate that email and attachments are growing at a rate of 35% per year.
For instance, Barracuda Networks found that nearly one in every 1,000 emails sent in the last month was a political email.
So it is likely that the email campaigners tailored their campaigns accordingly.