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either of the horny front wings in beetles and some other insects which cover and protect the functional hind wings


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Pronotum yellow, elytron fully black and shinning (Raimundo and van Harten, 2000).
Once each batch of foam cores was done, Elytron laminated them with carbon fiber prepreg material and glued the core pieces together.
01 mm) the length of the left elytron of each beetle, as an index of body size.
They bear nine black spots that can be seen when looking at the beetles from above--four on each elytron, and one on the central scutellar triangle.
The middle of the lens (Sample Level 2) contained a combination of tundra and forest insects, including Tachinus brevipennis and the bark beetle (Scolytidae), Pityophthorus, as well as an elytron on Pterostichus (Cryobius).
The term "wing" merely corresponds to a well-developed wing or elytron that flaps or simply is open during flight.
Half of the population was marked with a dot of Testor's enamel paint (The Testor Corporation, Rockford, Illinois) on each elytron, leaving their elytra free and enabling flight; the other half was marked with a single dab of paint, which covered the tips of both elytra, gluing their elytra shut and preventing flight.
haldemani specimens examined have these ridges paired (geminate) at both positions on each elytron (Figs.
A team of researchers at the University of Costa Rica has found that the beetles' metallic appearance is created by the unique structural arrangements of many dozens of layers of exo-skeletal chitin in the elytron, a hardened forewing that protects the delicate hindwings that are folded underneath.
Sexual dimorphism M/F ratios (mean lengths of pronotum, elytron, and hind femur) = 0.
Elytra dark brown to piceous, each elytron with two longitudinal sutural and marginal yellow vittae, surface finely punctuate with deep punctures arranged in longitudinal rows Caeporis stigmula Germar 6'.
Argyris Calbaris; THE VORACIOUS; Elytron Publications / Atlas Books (Biographies and Memoirs) $18.
Pronotum width, elytron length, body weight, and oviposition preference (of females) were measured within 12 hours of offspring emergence from seeds.