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the quality of being difficult to grasp or pin down

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The same company also has reindeer and cow hide rugs in a range of colours, including the rare white reindeer hide (its elusiveness adding to its allure).
But new research has overcome their elusiveness with the help of a miniature reproduction of the seafloor, and in the process has made valuable discoveries on the formation of these important waves that can play a key role in ocean circulation and global climate.
Interestingly, Anuragi was initially denied ticket allegedly because he had lost ground in the constituency because of his elusiveness.
The essays "crisscross through landscapes that are at once literary, psychological, religious, and philosophical" and feature the following themes: subjectivity, the maternal, faith as assurance, irony and self-deception, pseudonyms and the elusiveness of selfhood, genres from burlesque to analytical, the enigmas of authorship, and how to think about death.
I used to be quite proud of my elusiveness off the park but it's extremely difficult for them nowadays.
The head, like all other copies, does not capture the profound elusiveness of the original.
Being a mum or a dad is something many people take for granted and yet for those who cannot conceive, the elusiveness of that dream can be devastating and all-consuming.
IT'S A CLEAR-EYED, square-jawed American soldier--from a farm in Iowa or the Ghetto in New York--vested with the speed of vengeance, the elusiveness of a taunting Chetnik, and the implacable certainty of Hitler's fate.
This is a novel about hard decisions, unexpected consequences, the meaning of real friendship, and the elusiveness of true love.
Despite his elusiveness behind a shaky offensive line, Philadelphia quarterback Michael Vick was concussed against Atlanta last week.
As a testament to perfection's elusiveness, Edison did have a few failures.
Her vivid account highlights the dilemmas that accompany each legal strategy, as well as the persistent elusiveness of economic development for indigenous peoples.
If those two lines in parenthesis are dropped, the following two lines, "have the elusiveness / of shooting stars," fit no better and no worse and perhaps should have been rethought.
Summary: As expected, the summit between the Lebanese and Syrian presidents, Michel Sleiman and Bashar Assad, yielded statements redolent with platitudes and elusiveness.
Even at their most temperate and even-handed--as in Rosen's chapter on Wittgenstein and Strauss in The Elusiveness of the Ordinary--Rosen ' s interpretations of Strauss rely on unsympathetic, distorting readings of Strauss.