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the act of avoiding capture (especially by cunning)


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and booked on multiple charges, including eluding police, reckless endangerment, possession of methamphetamine, driving with a suspended license and first-degree theft.
If a good night's sleep has been eluding you, you could find the answers to some of your questions.
To prove the crime of Aggravated Fleeing or Eluding, the State must prove the following seven elements beyond a reasonable doubt:
CMP Information ceo Bernard Gray said the acquired show is "the eluding broad fine chemicals show in the US and is a 'must attend' event in the industry.
Unusually for such a show--more delaying, eluding, editing, disguising--Alys laid out seven strolls he's taken through the neighborhood around his studio, represented here by photographs, drawings, objects, and videos, Makeshift wooden platforms with stairs were built in the exhibition halls, and work was to be found there as well as on tables, in corners, and on screens.
is unable to attend; and his son, carrying out his final wishes, is wondering what is eluding him in the carefully kept files.
But what exactly was Caesar eluding to when he said it?
Chrun had prior convictions for possession of stolen property and eluding police.
Curry, president of the American Society of Magazine Editors, earns bonus points for in eluding articles from Emerge's pre-BET ownership period: The 1989 piece called "The Fixation on Black Athletic Superiority: An Idea Whose Time Has Gone" the 1990 piece "Nelson Mandela Keeps the Pressure on," and the wicked, priceless 1991 offering "Save Us From Negro Dinners" a commentary that originally carried an illustration of a couple tiptoeing out of a banquet hall, leaving cardboard cutouts of themselves in the chairs.
To ask Grove how hiding from the Nazis and, later, eluding the Red Army shaped him as a leader is to coax him into inner territory he'd rather not visit.
The solo moves from one square of light to another, and Brown appears to be both following and eluding imaginary geometric lines within that square as she twists her body sideways and forward, jumping over an illusory rope, hooking an elbow up to a corner while kicking a leg in the opposite direction.
Over the years, it has proved itself capable of eluding almost every trap mankind has laid.
He spent a month driving across the country, eluding Army agents assigned to tail him.
He was arrested on charges of reckless endangering, reckless driving, felony hit-and-run causing injury, eluding police by vehicle and eluding police on foot.
As a result of (defendant's) fleeing or eluding at high speed or wanton disregard for safety, [he] [she] caused [the death of] [serious bodily injury to] [another person] [a law enforcement officer involved in pursuing or otherwise attempting to stop [his] [her] vehicle].