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the act of avoiding capture (especially by cunning)


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and booked on multiple charges, including eluding police, reckless endangerment, possession of methamphetamine, driving with a suspended license and first-degree theft.
As a result of (defendant) fleeing or eluding, [he] [she] caused [serious bodily injury to] [the death of] (name of victim).
But what exactly was Caesar eluding to when he said it?
Chrun had prior convictions for possession of stolen property and eluding police.
Selena is trained in hand-to-hand combat, emergency medical procedures, jumping from airplanes, eluding those who would follow her, and convincing others to commit treason.
To ask Grove how hiding from the Nazis and, later, eluding the Red Army shaped him as a leader is to coax him into inner territory he'd rather not visit.
The solo moves from one square of light to another, and Brown appears to be both following and eluding imaginary geometric lines within that square as she twists her body sideways and forward, jumping over an illusory rope, hooking an elbow up to a corner while kicking a leg in the opposite direction.
A woman who had been sought since eluding arrest 10 days earlier by jumping into the Siuslaw River was found Monday - after a short foot pursuit during which she again tried to avoid arrest, police said.
As a result of (defendant's) fleeing or eluding at high speed or wanton disregard for safety, [he] [she] caused [the death of] [serious bodily injury to] [another person] [a law enforcement officer involved in pursuing or otherwise attempting to stop [his] [her] vehicle].
She fled through the bedroom window and Pierce escaped, eluding authorities until his arrest.
PALMDALE - A suspected drug dealer was arrested after two months of eluding sheriff's deputies.
Thomas Odell Adams, 37, of Springfield, faces charges of eluding police, felony hit and run and second- degree assault.
SAUGUS - A 17-year-old escapee from a youth probation camp in Saugus was found Wednesday morning hiding in a trash can beside a home, after eluding searchers overnight.
He faces a charge of eluding police and also is being held on a warrant issued after he failed to appear in court on a probation violation.