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Synonyms for elope

Synonyms for elope

run away secretly with one's beloved


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According to reports, the girl wanted to elope as their parents had opposed their relationship, but the boy refused to do so.
The pair took the 1991 Caulfield and Melbourne Cups with Let's Elope, who won 11 of her 26 races and earned over A$3m.
com/celebrity-news/news/prince-harry-and-meghan-markle-could-elope-w492980) Us Weekly  that the royal mentioned "that they could get married somewhere private and elope rather than have a showy wedding," compared to his older brother Prince William's 2011 wedding to Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.
My fiance would like to have his family there, but says he's happy to elope if it's what I want.
At last Kelash teenager arrange to elope and announce of their marriage.
First they try to elope to escape their interfering mothers, but are stopped.
HOLLYWOOD'S most watched couple, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, were at the centre of fresh wedding rumours after a friend said they were about to elope.
There she sees his wife, the beautiful Helen, as she and the visitor Paris fall in love and elope, taking Menelaus's treasure and his young son with them in an act of treachery.
Steve says: When we were at dinner with friends a year ago Wendy said that if she ever got married she'd have to elope as she couldn't cope with the fuss and the bother.
So many residents elope that his firm established a sub-specialty to handle plaintiff's cases.
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Shaker Qaid, a journalist from Ibb, said girls elope with people whom they love because they do not have a say about the man whom they wed.
Theroux is said to be keen on a ceremony back in Hollywood but the 'Friends' star, 43, is keen to elope.
Opposition to their marriage led the pair to elope, but later elders encouraged them to return home, the police official said.