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Synonyms for ellipsoidal

having the nature or shape of an ellipsoid

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The rock contains ellipsoidal ooid grains that are fully dolomitized to two distinct crystallite phases: a thin isopachous layer (rims of the elliptical ooids) and the inner core.
The paradox in this issue is that the analytical methods in modern GIS implementations almost always require the transformation of the spherical/ ellipsoidal latitude and longitude coordinates to map projection coordinates before the analysis is performed.
It was later refined by Bhaga and Weber (1981), who also further divided the spherical cap regime into several regimes, including: oblate ellipsoidal cap, spherical cap with closed/open wake, and skirted with smooth/wavy skirt.
If we introduce an equivalent diameter of ellipsoidal bubble which is defined by expression
These let light in allowing them to grow naturally into a quadric ellipsoidal shape, to give it its technical name.
The density of viscid globules varied among the sheets examined, and the length of these tiny globules varied more than their width, given a general ellipsoidal shape to the globules (Table 1).
At the rear, an integrated boot or tailgate spoiler, a built-in diffuser in a contrasting colour and four ellipsoidal exhaust tailpipes complete the look.
The performance of the proposed algorithm is tested on five popular benchmark test functions (see Table 1): namely, Spherical, Rosenbrock, Rastrigin, Schwefel and Ellipsoidal.
Capsule erect ovoid to ellipsoidal with well developed peristome.
The Mazda uses a rotary engine: triangular rotors spinning in ellipsoidal chambers take the place of conventional pistons and cylinders.
The nucleus is ellipsoidal with an endosome, situated at 20% to 25% of body length from anterior extremity, The nucleus is 1.
M&Ms were found to randomly jam most efficiently because, unlike spherical ball-bearings, their ellipsoidal shape made more contacts with the rest of the contents of the container.
For example, with the ellipsoidal surface S defined implicitly by
Each panel comprises two panes--an inner single laminated glass pane, and a 12mm outer monolithic one--which follow the same ellipsoidal profile.