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an extension at the end and at right angles to the main building

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Old John having long encroached a good standard inch, full measure, on the liberty of Joe, and having snipped off a Flemish ell in the matter of the parole, grew so despotic and so great, that his thirst for conquest knew no bounds.
The trumpet sounded again, and a new target was set up at forty ells.
They missed one after another and dropped moodily back, while the trumpet sounded for the third round, and the target was set up fifty ells distant.
Number two--seven ells of red Turkey cloth and nine ells of cloth of gold.
John Richardson of Newcastle to his dear cousin Jemmy Cole, in London, with an account that he sent by such a vessel (for I remembered all the particulars to a title), so many pieces of huckaback linen, so many ells of Dutch holland and the like, in a box, and a hamper of flint glasses from Mr.
Elizabeth Ell, of Howcotte Green, Tile Hill, had been warned she could face a minimum of 12 weeks in prison but was let off an immediate custodial sentence after the judge was not convinced she had acted alone in her claims.
Do monolingual and ELL students perceive the school climate differently?
The deal will also mark major milestones for Lingo Media and its ELL Technologies subsidiary.
A homeschool component was built into the program, providing ELL students and the local community access to resources that help in developing cross cultural-competencies.
When I came to Emporia State in the fall of 2012, the Writing Center was reporting a large percentage of their clients (75%, or approximately 900 of the 1,200 appointments the Writing Center held) as being ELL speakers, and the undergraduate peer tutors often felt overwhelmed by the needs of these students.
Tuesday's court filing charges that lax state standards for English language teacher certification and little training in how to instruct students with language barriers for mainstream teachers have continued to result in poor academic performance among ELL students.
In fact, as far as seven months into the internship, Rachel referred to one of her students and said, "I don't know if he gets pulled for ESOL," and she turned to another teacher to ask, "Rex is an ELL, right?
8220;A book with 24 pages is less intimidating to ELL students,” stated ELL & Dual Language Reading Coach Angela Gonzalez of the School District of Palm Beach County.
8) Though at first glance, one might think that the EEOA provides the more promising route for Faith and her parents--after all, their main concern here is with the quality of the ELL education that Faith is currently receiving--this Article argues that for Faith and other students who may have special education needs, the IDEA provides a significantly better chance of actually improving their situation.
The above statistics seem to suggest that traditional lecture-based methods alone may not reach the multi-dimensional needs of learners, especially ELL students.