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an extension at the end and at right angles to the main building

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McGraner and Saenz (2009) proposed, using Hall and Hord's model, an innovative configuration matrix for preparing mainstream teachers for ELL students using research based practices as descriptors on the vertical axis and degree of evidence of implementation on the horizontal axis (rating of 0 indicating no evidence to a rating of 4 indicating teaching application with feedback).
Long-term ELLs--those who stayed in ELL programs for five or more years--lagged significantly in every grade.
Because students in my SEI course are undergraduates without an internship component to their coursework, opportunities for them to "experience" working with an ELL, or to even observe in an SEI classroom while they are taking the course, are limited.
Formed in 2007, the English Language Proficiency Collaboration and Research Consortium -- which includes member states Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Maryland, and Nevada -- is a means for educators to pool resources towards the improvement of ELL testing and instruction.
An ELL who speaks an L1 other than English at home may find socialization challenging due to a linguistic mismatch between the communication patterns at home and in school.
schools over the past decade, and this growth has been especially evident in areas with traditionally small or non-existent ELL populations (Orfield & Frankenberg, 2014).
Today's agreement recommits the State of Arizona to fully serve all Arizona ELL students so they will receive the services they need to be college and career ready," said Catherine E.
Though it may be tempting to step in and solve a problem for an ELL, it can make that student feel helpless.
Some 34 states fund ELL programs through their state's primary funding formula.
When I came to Emporia State in the fall of 2012, the Writing Center was reporting a large percentage of their clients (75%, or approximately 900 of the 1,200 appointments the Writing Center held) as being ELL speakers, and the undergraduate peer tutors often felt overwhelmed by the needs of these students.
Perhaps more important, another result of empowering ELLs to establish the deliberation agenda is the effect on non-ELL students in the classroom.
Early and Marshall (2008) emphasize the rapidly increasing ELL population in North America and the need to design approaches that will best help these students to learn and process both literature and language in the general education classroom.
Six selected strategies and content areas for teaching ELLs are provided to include strategies for teaching specific skills, sample storybooks for building literacy skills, and so on.
Van Ells presents his meticulously researched view of the Great War in America and WWI: A Traveler's Guide.