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breed of compact medium-sized dog with a heavy grey coat developed in Norway for hunting elk

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36) In 1647, an envoy from the English king Charles I brought Aleksei Mikhailovich dogs wearing copper collars engraved with "KarlusKorol'," while one of his own boyars in 1665 gave the tsar ten elkhounds.
If they'd given it to a Great Dane or the Norwegian Elkhound, or any number of other proper mutts, then I could have understood it, but to go for a snuffling hot-water bottle cover was tantamount to bringing the game into disrepute.
Norwegian Elkhound Prince has been rewarded for his courage after saving his owner from certain death when her house went up in flames.
Other groups contained sequences--taken from the elkhound and German shepherd, for example--that were more closely related to certain wolf sequences than to those of the main dog group, bolstering the notion that dogs may have been domesticated from wolves several times.
Dear Andrea, I have a five-year-old Norwegian elkhound who constantly develops skin growths that eventually burst, emitting a waxy material.
Some of the rarest breeds within the city limits include the Norwegian Elkhound, Schipperke and one of the AKC's newly recognized breeds, the Beauceron.
Norwegian Elkhound Association of Scotland's championship show in Bellfield Community Centre, Kilmarnock at 10am.
RUTLAND - The clerk magistrate in Western Worcester District Court in East Brookfield has upheld the March 2011 orders imposed by the Rutland Board of Selectmen on a Norwegian Elkhound named Shadow after the dog bit a Rutland woman.
She and her husband, Frank Kenton, show Norwegian elkhound dogs as a hobby.
Norwegian Elkhound Association of Scotland Championship show, Bellfield Community Centre, Kilmarnock, 10.
RUTLAND - It has been more than a year since the Board of Selectmen ruled that a Norwegian Elkhound named Shadow was a dangerous dog, and his owner Richard Fox still has not complied with the orders set by the Board following the dog hearing.
Such changes would benefit Leeds Street residents Frank and Maureen Kenton, who show Norwegian elkhound dogs as a hobby.
Norwegian Elkhound Association's Championship Show, Hurlford Community Centre, Kilmarnock, 10.
Fox was ordered to restrain his Norwegian elkhound on his property and to have the dog trained.