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the attitude that society should be governed by an elite group of individuals

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The only purpose of dining societies - apart from sex and drunkenness - was to foster elitism.
There is no doubt that there is some elitism to education, particularly higher education such as university which is dominated by students from a stereotypical middle-class background.
Oldfield told the jury that the boat race was a "symbol of elitism in government".
I can't think of any other area of life where elitism is a dirty word.
Oldfield has a website called Elitism Leads to Tyranny, which discusses civil disobedience tactics.
THERE has always been an element of elitism in our armed services.
Many other factors including a culture of shortcuts also in the context of elitism will share this blame.
Norm Weiner's introductory essay for this issue of the Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council challenges us to face the charge of elitism that so frequently is lodged against honors programs and honors colleges (as well as against those of us who are involved in honors education as administrators, faculty, and students).
The figures add fuel to the row over elitism at Cambridge, which now has record numbers of private school admissions.
I personally thought Salma Bala's tale was a tiny reminder that sometimes little insights can be gleaned from the unlikeliest of circumstances as opposed to Ms/Mr Tea who apparently saw elitism.
In a speech to the Social Mobility Foundation think-tank today, Mr Vos will say: "The elitism which fosters the high quality services that the Bar stands for has also encouraged another form of elitism.
California needs to wake up and smell the stench of economic elitism.
Occasionally as we travel the country spreading the gospel of segmented selling, we encounter resistance from salespeople who are concerned that treating complex farm businesses differently from traditional farm customers smacks of elitism.
Olly Tornquist's article on disunity in the labour movement compliments Ford's, discussing how Indonesia's organised labour groups fail to expand democracy by demanding a representative government and challenging elitism.
Not as marks of elitism, but spiritual gifts to be used humbly and faithfully for the good of all.