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  • verb

Synonyms for eliminate

Synonyms for eliminate

to get rid of, especially by banishment or execution

to keep from being admitted, included, or considered

to take or leave out

to discharge (wastes or foreign substances) from the body

Synonyms for eliminate

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An air-driven control pin is linked perpendicularly to the valve pins, which is said to eliminate problems such as stringing from hot tips or complicated vestige removal with a cold-runner system.
Generally, you find every process will require review four or five times and each time you find more to eliminate or that can be streamlined."
Six Sigma techniques identify and eliminate variability, increase accuracy and precision, and demand decisions drive by data rather than guesswork and intuition.
"The effect of cigarettes on the risk of disease is so powerful and it's so difficult to control for factors like the intensity and duration of smoking that the only way to eliminate the bias is to look at people who have never smoked," says Manson.
The development and introduction of SAI technology, and Poncho 250 and 1250, specifically, allowed growers to eliminate all additional time required to protect against the targeted insect pests and required no additional costs for the equipment or for the storage and application of a separate product at planting time.
* A CLOSE EXAMINATION OF CONTROL PROCESSES enables companies to improve them and eliminate duplication.
The professor will be using such micro-organisms in his study methods to reduce or eliminate the deterioration of fuels and to extract high-grade minerals from mine tailing ponds.
It generally eliminates gains and losses on preferred stock and equalizes gains and losses on common stock, but may not necessarily eliminate all duplicated losses.
Do you think the Humanist magazine and its readers would support a movement to eliminate the tax-exempt status of the Roman Catholic Church due to its violation of U.S.
Then they find ways to standardize the work, eliminate hand-offs, reduce the opportunity for error, and eliminate waste (which includes waiting time, doing things before they need to be done, unnecessary inventory and many other kinds of process waste).
Moreover, the capacity and performance of individual components in the system must be periodically monitored and balanced to reduce fragmentation and eliminate hot spots.
This proposal would authorize the Tax Commissioner to adopt procedures that eliminate paper requests for an extension of time for filing income tax returns.