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Synonyms for eliminate

Synonyms for eliminate

to get rid of, especially by banishment or execution

to keep from being admitted, included, or considered

to take or leave out

to discharge (wastes or foreign substances) from the body

Synonyms for eliminate

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The presence of recursive terms in some theories adds an interesting dimension to the topic of the eliminability and identifiability of theoretical terms.
The necessary and sufficient conditions for the eliminability and identifiability of recursive theoretical terms is an important topic for further study.
1973]: 'Ramsey Eliminability and the Testability of Scientific Theories', British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 24, pp.
At the same time, this sort of modest reduction does not entail the eliminability of causal discourse, nor does it obviate in any way the necessity of positing facts as an ontological category.
If vagueness is sufficient for ontological eliminability, then material things do not exist.