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(formerly in Britain) an examination taken by 11 and 12 year old students to select suitable candidates for grammar school

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In any case, even if highly able FSM pupils were capable of benefiting from selective education, it would still damage social mobility if the majority of their FSM peers failed an eleven-plus exam.
However, the changes will have a "knock-on effect" as on average 40% of the total Year Six pupils in Wirral take the Eleven-Plus test for entry to the borough's non-Catholic grammar schools each year.
Sullivan failed his eleven-plus and left school at 15 with no qualifications.
Her mother insisted she wore a uniform despite the fact that like Will she had failed the eleven-plus and, as if to make up for it, her mother made her concentrate on her appearance, and there was always a sheen coming off her, her peachy cheeks, milky complexion, that groomed, ash-blonde hair especially.
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I don't think primary school was too bad, but (and this will date me) when I passed the eleven-plus exam and went to the local grammar school I was suddenly the gawky, ugly girl from the estate, so never felt quite comfortable.
Since I have never laid eyes on this kid, the fact that she has also passed her eleven-plus with flying colours hardly has me jumping up and down in delight.
A NORTH Wales vicar is aiming to save old eleven-plus exam papers to prevent them from being lost forever.
ELEVEN-plus failure David Kershaw was made an honorary doctor of education at Coventry University yesterday.
Despite passing his eleven-plus his headmistress said he could not go to grammar school - because he needed to learn 'the English way'.
IT was never expected that I should fail the eleven-plus and I came thirty-first out of about ninety entrants, among the top seed as it were, and those a year older who had gone before soon informed me that I would be in the first stream, paradoxically called the 'B' Stream, and that meant I would have so-and-so for 'Geoga' or 'Chem' and, most important, Pig would keep an eye on me.
And his Eleven-Plus Lecture on the feat -the latest in a series of Mountaineering Lectures at the CragRats Theatre, Holmfirth, on Thursday, April 19 at 7.
Such a man was my headmaster in the County School to which I went once the all-pervading battle of the eleven-plus examination was overcome.
Among pieces titled Washing day, Rag and bone man, Playin' out, Truant, Eleven-plus, Penny for the guy and a final Crossing the ridge (about "The longest ginnel I know") Lucy Newlyn also introduces us to the altogether different ginneling - to tickle the gills of a fish.