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Jazz singer Julie London was discovered by talent agent Sue Carol (wife of actor Alan Ladd), while working as an elevator operator.
In her younger years "Sis" was an Elevator Operator at the former Bancroft Hotel.
According to Billboard, Scott had returned to Cleveland, Ohio, where he worked as a shipping clerk and an elevator operator, among other things.
One visiting American president accidentally saluted a Vatican elevator operator, whose snappy uniform would no doubt have put the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to shame.
I was there the day they fired the elevator operator.
wheat is to a licensed Canadian elevator, the elevator operator must have received prior authorization from the Canadian Grain Commission.
There is a job opportunity as an elevator operator, but you should be prepared for a lot of ups and downs.
Larry Chabot worked his way through Georgetown University as an elevator operator, a congressional aide, and a Republican National Committee employee.
Dunbar, after a stint as an elevator operator, began to earn his literary reputation through the publication of poems, short stories, plays, essays, and musicals.
Demanding that elevator operator positions be maintained could only feed an illusion.
They don't want to give out their real names to the elevator operator blocking their path.
In The Somebodies, Fern and Howard use their powers to change objects into reality and vice versa as they encounter colorful characters, including the glass elevator operator and flying monkeys.
Remorseless or let us say unaware of his immoral actions, Baxter starts to develop feelings for Fran Kubelik (MacLaine, who never looked better on screen), the elevator operator at his company.
Danish investor A/S Trigon Agri said on Thursday (2 August) that it has acquired the Ukrainian grain storage elevator operator OOO Vovchanskiy Kombinat Khliboproduktiv for an undisclosed sum.
This is the best way of getting managers to understand what happens at the base level, to identify where the main problems are and what solutions are needed to improve service," says Bazzon, who has worked in security and as an elevator operator.