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Synonyms for elevation

Synonyms for elevation

the distance of something from a given level

the act of raising to a high position or status or the condition of being so raised

a progression upward in rank

Synonyms for elevation

the event of something being raised upward

the highest level or degree attainable

angular distance above the horizon (especially of a celestial object)

Related Words

distance of something above a reference point (such as sea level)

(ballet) the height of a dancer's leap or jump

drawing of an exterior of a structure

the act of increasing the wealth or prestige or power or scope of something

References in classic literature ?
As the travellers continued to advance, they became more and more sensible of the elevation of the country.
The lonely bay of Nukuheva, dotted here and there with the black hulls of the vessels composing the French squadron, lay reposing at the base of a circular range of elevations, whose verdant sides, perforated with deep glens or diversified with smiling valleys, formed altogether the loveliest view I ever beheld, and were I to live a hundred years, I shall never forget the feeling of admiration which I then experienced.
The elevation data did not concur with his own observations either: 'I saw, for example, roads that were only slightly higher than the water that was directly connected with the sea, whereas according to the maps, they should have been located higher.'
Usually, water allocation for irrigation supply is stopped when the dam's water elevation reaches the 180-meter level and its water supply is purely dedicated to the water needs of Metro Manila residents.
(NASDAQ: FAT) has completed the acquisition of US-based burger chain Elevation Burger for USD 10m, the company said.
Reception room one has a UPVC double-glazed window to the front elevation, wooden flooring and an original solid wood feature fireplace.
On Tuesday, the elevation dropped to 169.88 meters above sea level (masl), and was far below the normal high level of 210-214 masl.
The research study is titled " Digital Elevation Model Market - Analysis Covering Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast till 2027 " which encloses important data about the production, consumption, revenue and market share, merged with information related to the market scope and product overview.
Founded in 2014, Elevation Solar began providing clean, affordable solar power across the Valley.
The Collegium decision to supersede some High Court judges in elevation to the Supreme Court has got mired in a major controversy.
NPC said the gate will be opened as part of pre release-reservior elevation needs in anticipataion of the expected heavy rains brought by Typhoon Rosita .
The Sierra Elevation, along with Denali, AT4, SLT and SLE is designed to meet the needs and preferences of discerning GMC customers.
Diamond-shaped ranges, such as the Rocky Mountains, increase in land area from the bottom until mid elevation before contracting quickly.
Remotely sensed shuttle radar topographic mission (SRTM) digital elevation model (DEM) data of 90 by 90 meter resolution is used for terrain analysis.