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Synonyms for elevate

Synonyms for elevate

to move (something) to a higher position

to increase markedly in level or intensity, especially of sound

to raise in rank

to raise to a high position or status

to cause to be eminent or recognized

Synonyms for elevate

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5o Elevation may be achieved through a variety of methods, including elevating on continuous foundation walls; elevating on open foundations, such as piles, piers, posts or columns; and elevating on fill.
Our findings are consistent with the observations of Cummins and Slade (2007) that elevating traps increase captures of R.
I began using a similar technique of elevating the fetus abdominally prior to the hysterotomy.
This procedure is repeated by alternately removing bone and elevating skin and periosteum until the entire exostosis has been removed and the ear canal has a normal contour.
Further studies of HIF-PH inhibitors' effects on increasing erythropoiesis and elevating levels of HbF will be conducted in primate models of chronic anemia to evaluate the potential of using select HIF-PH inhibitors in the clinical setting of SCD.