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Synonyms for elevate

Synonyms for elevate

to move (something) to a higher position

to increase markedly in level or intensity, especially of sound

to raise in rank

to raise to a high position or status

to cause to be eminent or recognized

Synonyms for elevate

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Ceiling Fan Installation: James Harper, Elevate Living
ELEVATE was already ahead of its competitors in its use of data analytics, but the company is now looking to invest in new ways of collecting data that can scale the work it has done historically to a much larger degree.
Elevate ROI's portfolio consists of company owned and third-party assets in key markets throughout Texas and Oklahoma.
We are excited about providing growth capital to the Elevate product line and to a company that can transform street-level digital interaction for both consumers and advertisers," said Mark Lewis, principal of Advantage Capital Partners.
Business travelers can now convert Rocketrip points into Elevate points.
These sales professionals agreed to leave established positions to promote the Elevate stack, demonstrating the appeal of our technology and validating our near-term market opportunity.
Elevate Marketing Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Highland Business Services, Inc.
Elevate DIGITAL is the developer of street-level, interactive and digital signage software technology for smart cities.
Highland") (OTCBB: HGLB) announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary has executed a definitive acquisition and plan of merger agreement (the "merger agreement") with Elevate Marketing Group, LLC, a Utah limited liability company ("Elevate").
The Expo will proudly present "The Very Best of ELEVATE Festival," an exclusive screening for Orange County residents.
The professional engineering firm will be required to produce plans and specifications to elevate the houses in one or more of the awarded grants.
AXA Wealth's Elevate wrap platform now has over Au6bn of assets under management.
Like Blaustein, he believes high-salt diets may spur excessive secretions of the ouabain-like substance, which in turn may narrow blood vessels and elevate pressure.
The SCD research program at FibroGen seeks to combine the erythropoietic effects of HIF-PH inhibitors with the additional capacity to elevate fetal hemoglobin (HbF).
Moreover, blacks are known to be more sensitive than whites to catecholamines, stress-related blood hormones that can elevate blood pressure.