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hypertrophy of certain body parts (usually legs and scrotum)

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A case of scrotal elephantiasis 30 years after treatment of penile carcinoma.
Case 2 failed to receive the correct diagnosis and treatment, which caused her skin to gradually deteriorate and even led to elephantiasis.
It's also the standard treatment for infection by a microfilarial worm that can cause elephantiasis, a grotesque swelling of the lower limbs.
But he insists he is suffering from elephantiasis, most commonly caused by a tropical parasite.
The Romans referred to leprosy as elephantiasis graecorum and could distinguish between the similar symptoms of lymphatic filariasis, or elephantiasis arabum.
Avermectin was later tweaked to make ivermectin, an even more powerful compound that has helped eliminate river blindness in parts of Latin America and that treats debilitating elephantiasis.
Young journalists or aid workers starting out today will in their careers see very little of the leprosy, illiteracy, elephantiasis and river blindness that I have seen routinely.
Scrotal elephantiasis associated with hidradenitis suppurativa.
USPRwire, Wed Sep 09 2015] Global Markets Direct's, 'Elephantiasis (Lymphatic Filariasis) - Pipeline Review, H2 2015', provides an overview of the Elephantiasis (Lymphatic Filariasis)'s therapeutic pipeline.
Lymphatic filariasis, spread by mosquitoes, leads to elephantiasis, a condition marked by painful, disfiguring swelling in parts of the body.
Other possible candidates for eradication identified in the letter include elephantiasis, river blindness, and blinding trachoma.
ClickPress, Wed Mar 11 2015] Global Markets Direct's, 'Elephantiasis (Lymphatic Filariasis) - Pipeline Review, H1 2015', provides an overview of the Elephantiasis (Lymphatic Filariasis)'s therapeutic pipeline.
In addition, disease control efforts have led to significant progress toward the elimination of malaria in Haiti as well as the elimination of lymphatic filariasis, a parasitic infection that leads to elephantiasis.
ZONGULDAK (CyHAN)- Desperate man caught elephantiasis illness look for treatment to cling to life in northern Turkish province of Zonguldak.
13) Cases of disfiguring and disabling genital swelling also have been reported, including scrotal elephantiasis.