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small tree or shrub of the southwestern United States having a spicy odor and odd-pinnate leaves and small clusters of white flowers

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The Elephant Tree is self-published by Matador and available from high street and online suppliers.
Several excellent examples of the elephant tree (Bursera microphyllum) are also present.
The Sonoran Desert's most common elephant tree is the torote (big bull) or copal.
We never saw an elephant tree blown over," Webb says.
These include the boojum and elephant trees, a bursage with fruits more like a cactus, and such real cacti as the sour pitahaya and cardon.
Elephant trees, boojums, and creeping devils are not the only strange Baja plants.
As the couple had their children Dougie supported the family with a series of jobs he didn't enjoy, until he had the time and space to develop Elephant Tree.
Since setting up Elephant Tree just before Christmas Dougie has already sold out of many of his pieces and as each piece can take weeks to work he is working hard on building up stock again.
He was keen to get involved with Elephant Tree as well, as Didier explains: "We are a family and we do work as a family so it is good to do this.
Which is how the idea behind Elephant Tree came about.
Antle went on to note that the elephant tree - the correct title is the marula tree - received its nickname because the massive beasts gorge themselves on marula fruit when it ripens in early February.
Take note of the elephant trees for which the trail is named.
At the top, you can take a 1-mile (round-trip) detour to see elephant trees at Torote Bowl, or continue the easy downhill mile back to your car.