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either of two large northern Atlantic earless seals having snouts like trunks

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Animal Maximum one-way travel distance (kilometers) Salmon 1,600 Lucy's warbler (bird) 2,400 Monarch butterfly 4,750 Humpback whale 8,500 Northern elephant seal 10,500
Davis, Rajab 6, 1434, May 16, 2013, SPA -- Researchers have detected swine flu in elephant seals off the Central California coast, saying it was the first time a human pandemic strain has been found in marine mammals.
An elephant seal has stopped traffic in a resort in Brazil after going for a walkabout in the main shopping street.
Costa and his colleagues are planning to try and answer these questions by studying elephant seals.
Curious King Penguins and lazing Elephant Seals supervised our landing from nothing more than an arm's length away.
even has her own namesake--a wind turbine in Texas--beating out Stephen Colbert, host of Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report" (who's had a falcon, an elephant seal, a diving beetle, an airplane and an ice cream flavor all named after him).
Outlying islands of the archipelago are also home to populations of Elephant Seal and Southern Sea Lion while offshore there are even Killer Whales.
of Species sightings animals sightings animals Baleen whales Humpback whale 25 40 54 86 Gray whale 1 1 Minke whale 3 3 Unidentified whale 4 8 3 3 Odeontocetes Dall's porpoise 27 72 20 64 Harbor porpoise 4 10 11 20 Pacific white- sided dolphin 4 596 16 149 Northern right- whale dolphin Risso's dolphin 5 57 Killer whale 3 16 2 38 Unidentified delphinid 6 9 8 56 Pinnipeds and otters Harbor seal 2 2 3 3 Elephant seal 6 6 10 10 California sea lion Steller sea lion Northern fur seal 6 6 5 5 Sea otter Unidentified pinniped 4 4 3 3 Total sightings 94 772 141 495 1997 1998 No.
Meanwhile, the penguins face new competition from the elephant seal, lured from the north into the region by higher temperatures.
Now video cameras carried by a northern elephant seal in Monterey Bay, Weddell seals in the Antarctic, a trained bottlenose dolphin offshore of San Diego and a blue whale off the coast of Northern California have revealed the secret: The divers don't exert themselves.
The northern elephant seal, Mirounga angustirostris, is one of the most sexually dimorphic mammals, with adult males being 1.
The whale sanctuary of El Vizcaino, primarily the coastal lagoon of San Ignacio in the Baja California Peninsula, is the world's last undisturbed reproduction and calving area for the gray whale, and an important breeding ground for the harbor seal, California sea-lion and northern elephant seal.
Comparison of the noise floor of our logger and low frequency hearing of the one elephant seal tested suggests that we can hear most everything the seal hears at these frequencies.
Together, the two elephant seal species in the genus Mirounga exhibit the following: 1) for ecologists, a "natural experiment" of recovery and decline, with several populations of the southern species declining for at least 20 years and the northern species increasing for most of this century, 2) for behaviorists, extreme sexual dimorphism and polygyny relative to other large vertebrate species, and 3) for physiologists, the maximum diving and fasting capabilities among pinnipeds.