eleostearic acid

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a crystalline unsaturated fatty acid

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For Vernicia seeds with an absolute majority of eleostearic acid content and a much longer maturation process, these genes and factors might have to remain active until a set maturity is achieved.
He has gotten the plants to make a fatty acid called "eleostearic acid," something they wouldn't normally do.
Due to the presence of eleostearic acid, mongongo nut oil forms a film over the hair fiber, protecting it from environmental aggressions.
The major constituent of tung oil is eleostearic acid, oleic acid, and linoleic acid.
Depending on which desaturases are activated, and the growth conditions scientists create, the yeast's metabolism converts the lipids into valuable byproducts, such as alpha eleostearic acid, which is a main tung oil component, and alpha linolenic acid.