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the author of a mournful poem lamenting the dead

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Marvell's searching questioning of elegy might, then, be not only an apt commentary on the difficulties faced by elegists of a man who died before his time, but also a penetrating insight into the ambivalence many Royalists felt towards the devastation of their culture during a bitter internecine war.
In a brilliant passage of his "Epilogue," Rigsbee comes up with a vindication of Brodsky's elegiac art and, by implication, of the postmodernist sensibility which it reflects: even with all its self- subversion, the postmodernist elegist obtains a therapeutic effect as he makes us perceive transcendence as unpossessable heaven, "for possession presupposes death, and elegists and their readers are the living.
So if Sclater did suffer a knife attack, it can be argued that the circumstance weakens his chance of being the elegist.
he is not dead, he doth not sleep- / He hath awakened from the dream of life" (21) "Whether based upon the pagan conception of the dying god or on the Christian faith in immortality," says Culler, "this convention affords to the elegist the essential means of both artistic and philosophic reconciliation" (p.
In this mode traditional elegiac elements of praise and lament are lost or downplayed and traditional attempts at consolation often fail as the elegist asserts her special role as mother and seeks poetic means to "recuperate" her sense of self.
Propertius, a fellow elegist, seems to have been a friendly rival.
The problem, of course, is that Primo was, at heart, an elegist giving the hesped (eulogy) over those who had died in Auschwitz.
56), a line the elegist turns into a pun on Will as he comments on his elegiac project: "In minds from whence endeavor cloth proceed / A ready will is taken for the deed" (245-46).
Tennyson's address to Lushington slips into a discourse on numbers that attempts to enforce the limitations of the elegist, who both quantifies his subject and rations the performance of mourning.
Keep at a tangent', advises Joyce to Heaney's persona--an image that catches perfectly Heaney's ambivalent relationship to that which the earlier 'Casualty' called 'Our tribe's complicity', that 'swaddling band' which comforts yet constricts the elegist 'in a ring'.
Wieseltier points us towards the insight that it is the fine writer, innocence's elegist, who is the true innocent.
However, even if poetic composition is no novelty to the elegist, to suppose that his wonted genre is dramatic poetry may seem unwarranted on two grounds.
It is also a fluid signification: speaking to a "thou" also demonstrates that Hemans, as elegist mourning her dead, now enters into a new and fundamental existence.
It is this exceedingly thin line between elegist as mourner and elegis t as comforter, as explored in these new elegies, that augments the already considerable tact of Longley's elegies.
Its twelve poems, stitched together from separate passages of the Augustan love elegist, contain many "poker-faced misreadings" (Kenner's phrase) planted to infuriate dons.