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the therapeutic application of electricity to the body (as in the treatment of various forms of paralysis)

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The subject of the order is the delivery of disposable equipment for the electrotherapy and electrostimulation laboratory of the heart.
Cranial electrotherapy stimulation for treatment of anxiety, depression, and insomnia.
Zynex (Other OTC:ZYXI) reported on Thursday that it has received 2,365 orders for its electrotherapy product line for the month of May.
Electrotherapy of hemorrhoids is used for the treatment of hemorrhoids (13,14) and may be effective in ODS patients by fixing the loose upper canal mucosa to underlining tissue and eradication of voluminous hemorrhoidal tags which prevent normally easy defecation.
Experts said a handheld device which transmits cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) reduced anxiety among those with a long fear of dentists, the Daily Express reported.
United Medical Source's catalog includes a wide selection of electrotherapy devices and accessories, though they specialize in products such as TENS units, EMS units, and ultrasounds.
Chapters 11 and 12 cover hydrotherapy and electrotherapy respectively.
The evidence has continued to accrue, leading to Medicare's National Coverage Determination for the use of electrotherapy and PEMF in the treatment of chronic wounds (stage III and stage IV pressure ulcers, arterial, venous stasis and diabetic ulcers) under the HCPCS code G0329.
For decades, electrotherapy has been used to help professional athletes and weekend warriors recover from strains, sprains, pain, and injuries.
US orthopaedic devices manufacturer Encore Medical Corporation said on Wednesday (8 November) that it has acquired Sweden-based electrotherapy and rehabilitation devices provider Cefar AB for an undisclosed sum.
Electrotherapy Explained, 4th Edition--Principles and Practice.
Cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) sends microcurrents to the brain via electrodes clipped to the ears.
We conducted a prospective, randomized, double-blind pilot study of patients presenting with symptoms of obstructed nasal breathing to determine whether electrotherapy could provide nonsurgical symptom relief Forty patients were divided into an electrotherapy group (n = 20) and a placebo group (n = 20).
His sculptures combine biological and mechanical imagery and echo the experiences of the patients at the Royal Pump Rooms, where electrotherapy machines and bubbling spa water were used to cure ills and ease pain.