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the branch of physics that deals with static electricity

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To meet the demand for static control products for the digital converting space, ElectroStatics has developed a line of web cleaners specifically designed for digital printing.
O'Hara explained that Ground Zero Electrostatics came in and measured all of those variables and calculated the type of flooring that was best to avoid static electricity problems.
Key Words: Electrostatics, Dimensions, Laplace's Equation
Peter King, managing director of SAS, explains: "The problem of dust from starch powders in cheese factories is well known, but by harnessing the power of electrostatics we can ensure the powder sticks to the products and doesn't escape into the surrounding atmosphere.
Electrostatics should find a special place in all primary school science curricula.
A Mesocite simulates particles incorporating ring structures, electrostatics and gives users options to incorporate more chemical details in mesoscale simulations than before, providing simulation between the fine-grained atomistic models and the more coarse-grained Mesotek models.
Scientists at The Ohio State University examined a number of factors that could impact how salt adheres to potato chips: surface oil content (SOC), chip temperature, the time between frying and coating the product, oil composition, salt particle size, salt crystal shape and the use of electrostatics.
The presence of these charges couples hydrodynamics with mass transfer and electrostatics in one distinctive field of science called electrokinetics.
An achievement test consisting of 29 multi-choice questions related to subject of electrostatics has been carried out to compare the group's achievements.
International Electrotechnical Commission, "Electrostatics-Part 5-Specification for the protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena-Section 1: General requirements," IEC 61340-5-1 1998.
Among the topics covered are: mathematical preliminaries, colloidal systems, electrostatics, electric double layer, electroosmosis and stream potential, electrophoresis and sedimentation potential, and coagulation and colloid deposition.
Tantec can assist in improving the separation of the nonwoven web from the wire with the use of Electrostatics.