electrostatic field

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electric field associated with static electric charges

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The electrostatic field at the tip surface increases at the regions of high curvature.
From (5), at [[phi].sub.0] = 0.25 V for a solid dielectric particle of radius [r.sub.0] [approximately equal to] 10 x [10.sup.-6] m which has undergone atmospheric electrification, we find that near its negatively charged spherical surface, the electrostatic field strength [E.sub.0] can be numerically equal to approximately 25 kV/m.
Liu, "Factors affecting the thawing characteristics and energy consumption of frozen pork tenderloin meat using high-voltage electrostatic field," Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies, vol.
The purpose of this paper is to give a statistical description of the electrostatic field generated by several static parallel infinite charged planes in which the surface charge distribution could be either [+ or -][sigma].
In the 3D-QSAR study, the correlation between 3D steric and electrostatic fields and biologically activity draws attention.
During ESBEC's operation, the DPM entering the device was positively charged and then collected onto the screens by the electrostatic field between the screens.
The research will enable scientists and engineers to guantify how transparent a 2D material is to an electrostatic field. Dr Elton Santos from the Atomistic Simulation Research Centre at Queen's, said: "We have developed a theoretical framework that predicts and guantifies the degree of 'transparency' up to the limit of one-atom-thick, 2D materials, to an electrostatic field.
During electrospinning, the energy of the electrostatic field causes the solution to leave the equilibrium state (if we disregard the constantly active evaporation of the solvent), i.e., the dynamic state is caused by supercritical forces of the external electrostatic field (it applies that E > [E.sub.C]).
A common measurement method of this charge buildup is to use a static field meter to measure the electrostatic field potential at a fixed distance from the charged surface.
He hinted that the researchers are looking for industrial input and collaboration for commercialising the method as the project aims to come up with a field proven technology incorporating the novel effective electrode geometry, optimum electrostatic field configuration and separation concept for deployment as a compact inline dewatering method.
In typical tissue engineering approaches that use fibers as scaffolds, nonwoven materials are often bonded together using an electrostatic field.
He said monitors tend to create an electrostatic field which attracts floating dust.
By continually monitoring the atmospheric electrostatic field at a rate of 100 times per second, signals unique to lightning are identified by the unit's three electrostatic antennas.
Frames proprietary electrostatic coalescers are 2-phase separators that utilise an electrostatic field to remove water and salts from crude oil, allowing cost-effective transport and protecting downstream processes.
Supercapacitors, also known as ultracapacitors or Electric Double Layer Capacitors (EDLCs), store energy in an electrostatic field rather than in a chemical state.
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