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having a positive charge

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At a pH below the PZC of the oxides, the soil becomes electropositive, which makes it possible for the electronegative functional groups of soluble organic anions to bind to the electropositive domains of soil particles.
The hydrolysis of PAEs created electropositive potential, meaning they were easy to be adsorbed on the activated sludge at higher pH.
In combination with the electropositive (or electronegative) treatment of the substrate in the presence of Ag/Au nanoparticles, it increases bending elasticity.
The TP molecule shows electropositive potential and could easily penetrate into the mitochondrial inner membrane, which is a very electronegative organelle [69].
Among other benefits, rare earth metals, which are highly electropositive, have significantly increased polymerization rates than catalysts based on other metals, says Knott.
It is the soft, ductile, bluish white electropositive metal, which is resistant to corrosion (Sittig, 1985).
This vicious circle of a composite material starts initially with the swelling of a composite material and leads to interfacial debonding and dislodgment of filler particles over the period of time.18 This hydrolytic degradation mechanism aggravates if fillers have metallic ions present in them.19 The fillers such as barium and zinc are electropositive in nature and have affinity to react with water.
There are a number of reasons for its supremacy: lithium is highly electropositive, resulting in a higher cell voltage (3.6 V vs.
The initial catalytic step consists of a nucleophilic attack ([S.sub.N]2 type) of the partial electronegative oxygen atom of the hydroxyl group of the Ser at the (electropositive) silicon atom of the silicic acid molecule.
A feasibility study on the use of electropositive "mischmetal" to reduce the bycatch of Squalus acanthias by hook gear in the Gulf of Maine.
To reduce pain, the somato-sensory strip can be shifted from an electronegative state in which the cortex is active, and the patient is perceiving the pain, to an electropositive state in which the brain is "off," dialing down pain sensitivity.
The adsorbability of phosphate ions to the colloids of electropositive soils process is high (Valladares et al., 2003), making the nutrient unavailable for crops and soil microorganisms (Gatiboni et al., 2008).
For example, lithium-ion cells are attractive in mobile applications because lithium is the lightest (6.94 g/mol) and most electropositive (-3.01 V vs.
(4) The corrosion potential is displaced towards more electropositive values for all the alloys containing Ru compared to the base alloy.
Similarly, the positive values of electrostatic descriptors suggested the requirement of electropositive or sterically bulky groups at the position of generated data point E_1090 around thiophenyl pharmacophore for maximum activity.