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of or relating to electrophoresis


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Other attractive features of organic solvents are that they greatly differ in physical and chemical properties between themselves and from water and offer large changes in the separation factor and/or resolution, analysis time, and selectivity, and they reduce electrophoretic currents.
Electrophoretic mobility depends upon a molecules net charge and its hydrodynamic radius.
Following the introduction, the chapters are arranged in sections dedicated to electrophoretic separations, mass spectrometry and tandem mass spectrometry applications, quantitative proteomics, interpretation of mass spectrometry data, analysis of protein modifications, subcellular proteomics, and analysis of protein interactions.
Avian protein electrophoretic patterns and values should be interpreted based on knowledge of the CV associated with the technique as well as on the effects of sample handling and condition.
From a historical perspective, the development of electrophoretic primers can be read as an environmental success story on many levels.
Reaction products were purified by ethanol precipitation, dissolved in distilled water, and analyzed on a MegaBACE 500-capillary DNA analysis platform (Amersham Biosciences) under standard electrophoretic conditions.
In the majority of cases, the disorder is detected by electrophoretic screening of plasma proteins, which shows either the complete absence of or the presence of very low amounts of circulating albumin (1) ranging from 0.01 to 1000 mg/L (2, 3).
To improve interlaminar s hear properties of these composites, acid-functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes were deposited on de-sized carbon fibers through electrophoretic deposition.
CLEARink's patent protected, display technology based on Electrophoretic Total Internal Reflection is low power, sunlight readable, color and video capable.
These include mainly gel electrophoretic methods, such as polyacrylamide gel (PAGE) (Basch et al., 1985) with urea (Urea-PAGE) or SDS-PAGE.
Founded in 1981, PCS provides a new and unique process called Electrophoretic Deposition, the liquid coating process that deposits cross-linked organic polyurethane to any metallic and select non-metallic surfaces using electrical current.
The phenomena is based upon molecular sieving and electrophoretic mobility.
Other topics include pervaporation, electrophoretic and eletroosmotic treatments, ion exchange, air tabling, particle shape characterization by image analysis, and Brunauer-Emmett-Teller surface area measurements.
It covers from substrate pretreatment, mechanical and chemical finishing processes, coating applications (include paints and powder coating), electroplating & electrophoretic processes and equipments, testing equipments, environmental protection to recycling technologies.